Achieving absenteeism targets

Unlocking Problems: The Canadian Business Unit of Young Guns achieves absenteeism targets under 2%

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The success of the decrease in absenteeism within Young Guns has become a remarkable achievement in the ever-evolving landscape of casual employment. Recent reports reveal that Young Guns has surpassed expectations, achieving an incredible 2% absenteeism rate against the set 4% target. This success story is attributed to one pivotal factor:

Young Guns Foster a Resilient Team Culture

At the heart of this accomplishment lies a strong team culture built on a sense of teamwork and belonging. The emphasis on unity, collaboration, and team members’ well-being have all contributed to this decrease in absenteeism.

Our team members feel a sense of belonging, driving them to prioritise their responsibilities and actively engage in their roles. This united work environment boosts productivity and creates a support system that mitigates factors that lead to absenteeism in most workplaces.